Our New Products

GP Coat

Our GP Coating Agent is only applied to your windshield after an intensive process of removing dirt, uneven patches, and cleaning with detergent to ensure that the coating forms a seamless bond for a strong protective layer.


CARs International brings you this exclusive first in the world – an innovative and revolutionary car hygiene protection system. This ultra fine, deep cleaning mist penetrates all areas of your interior and kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs.

SONAX Aircon Cleaner

Get rid of bacteria, mildew and other germs in your air-conditioners that can cause musty smells or trigger allergic reactions with our SONAX Anti-Bacterial air-con cleaner.

SONAX Nano Coating
  • Up to 18 months durability
  • Excellent long term gloss
  • Super hydrophobic with self cleaning properties
  • Keeps the paintwork cleaner longer
  • Easy washing process
  • 9H scratch resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent protection against UV & Oxidation damage

Our car wash process involves an innovative technique combined with an eco-friendly formula that can not only remove stubborn contaminants and dirt but also enhance the shine of your car!

Fire Extinguisher

Introducing the world's most portable fire extinguisher - now you can easily be prepared for any emergencies and protect your family from any fire hazards.