Sonax Air-Con Cleaner (Buy 2 Free 1 @ $76.60)


About Sonax Air-con Cleaner

  • Cleans the air conditioner unit, ventilation system and evaporator
  • Removes unpleasant odours
  • Quick and easy to apply


Within every vehicle air-conditoner unit enable many micro-organisms such as yeasts, bacteria and fungi to breed and produces nasty odours and lead to even the seriousness of allergy. The use of Sonax Air-con cleaner helps disinfectants, kill bacteria and clean-up the ventilation system of most vehicle air-con. The solution is non-harmful to human body and easy to apply on. The vehicle is ready after 15 mins by just switching on air conditioning circulation to the highest level and place the bottle on the carpet and spray empty with the touch of a button. The product can be use for maintenance of new and used vehicles. With regular application – the SONAX A/C Cleaner will reduce the risk of harmful germ formation and prevents unpleasant odours.